Good food, Good Life

About Me

I am a born and raised Texan. My adventure began when my boyfriend the love of my life got an unexpected job offer in a small town in the Midwest. Currently, I pursue a life of domestic bliss: cooking, baking, and cleaning. Most importantly, I’m a stay-at-home mother (to two cats). My life, like my blog’s name, is a paradox. While being a housewife is a conventional occupation, being unmarried and childless makes my occupation rather unconventional. My life’s unusual, but I’ve found a lot of joy in it, especially in the kitchen.

Eating a home-cooked meal is pure bliss. Even better is sharing delicious food I’ve prepared with the people I love most. Luckily, my sweetheart shares my passion for food! It only made sense to share my recipes and cooking insights with you. I provide original recipes, reviews of others’ recipes, and instructions so you can make great food.

Whether you’re new to cooking or an expert, I want to brighten your life with recipes. Message me with any questions or comments. It might take some time but I will respond sure.