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What Is Drink

A drink or beverage is a kind of liquid that is for fulfilling the need of human consumption. The drink has the function of satisfying the thirsts of living beings. It plays important role in the life of human society.

Types Of Drink

A drink has different types such as

  •         Mineral Water
  •         Milk
  •         Tea
  •         Coffee
  •         Fruit juice or Vegetable juice
  •         Alcohol Such As Wine And Beer
  •         Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  •         Hot Chocolate
  •         Cold-Drink
  •         Soft Drinks, Etc.

 Alcoholic drinks are wine and beer which contain ethanol. Non-alcoholic drinks have alcohol but in very little quantity as compared to alcoholic drinks.  

Recipe To Make Drinks

In this category, there are many recipes of drinks such as how to make a traditional Mexican Michelada and drink for summer such as Beverages for summer.  You can easily make these drinks at home with the help of these recipes.

What Is The Most Popular Drink In The World?

Water and Tea are the most popular drinks in the world.  Drinking water is essential for human beings to survive their life. There are many tea-lovers in the whole world. 

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