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Why People Are Suddenly Raving About Chinese Salt & Pepper Seasoning


When it comes to perfecting your dishes, no meal should be complete without a healthy dose of seasoning. Food seasoning is what can really bring any cuisine to life. Sometimes all a dish needs to make it perfect for consumption is a simple sprinkle of seasoning. Even if you put a lot of time and effort into a delicious meal, it may just be missing that little something.

Seasoning can typically include anything like salt, pepper, herbs, spices, or seasoning blends such as Cajun or Italian. So what exactly does it do to the food? Well first of all, and most obviously of all, seasoning adds more taste and flavour to the dish. A perfectly cooked chicken will taste just like a perfectly cooked chicken, but with some seasoning, you get to create more flavours and even make it your own recipe. If you use seasonings such as herbs and spices, then there’s the added bonus of adding a bit of a kick to your meal. Seasoning can also come with health benefits. Spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne, for example, can lower blood sugar, fight inflammation and ease pain.

KMC Seasoning is one of the main manufacturers and distributors of salt and pepper seasoning. They have kindly provided us with some insight into the history of the seasoning, why it has become such a household favourite, and explain what lies ahead in the future.

Where Did Chinese Salt & Pepper Seasoning Come From?

Chinese-style salt and pepper seasoning is not quite a worldwide phenomenon just yet, but it is certainly picking up in certain parts of the country. In particular, the craze has hit parts of Northern England, including Liverpool, and large parts of Scotland. It’s understood that the seasoning was brought over to the British shores during the mid-1990s. This is a period where Chinese immigrants moved to Liverpool, opened up several Chinese chip shops, and introduced tasty cuisines such as salt and pepper chips.

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As the salt and pepper craze started in local Chinese takeaways, it prompted more and more people to want to try their own take on the cuisine from the comfort of their own home. In response to this, food manufacturers began to identify new product opportunities. One such example of this is Kishor Vadgama, the pioneer behind KMC. Originally from Tanzania, Kishor moved to England in 2002 and eventually set his eyes on experimenting with food recipes. What started out as a personal project in his own home led to the creation of his incredible salt and pepper seasoning mix, a product that is now sold throughout the country.

What Makes the Seasoning Such a Favourite?

As mentioned previously, KMC salt and pepper seasoning are much-loved in the North of the United Kingdom. While foodies love to use the seasoning for their own homemade meals, this isn’t where the popularity stops. Several restaurants, chip shops, and takeaways decide to serve their food with a dressing of KMC seasoning. As well as sold directly by KMC, due to large demand, butchers, supermarkets, wholesalers, and grocery stores all sell the product.

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This salt and pepper seasoning mix is said to bring more flavour and taste to ordinary dishes, while also offering some spice for people who fancy food with a bit of a kick. The name of the product perhaps doesn’t do it enough justice. It doesn’t just include salt and pepper, but rather comprises of a vibrant range of household ingredients. It is healthier than classic table salt and pepper and includes ingredients such as garlic, ginger, aniseed, and chilli. In fact, it is often used by people on a diet and is the perfect solution when you want to cook a fakeaway meal.

New Products Are on the Horizon

Due to their growing success in recent years, KMC is looking to further expand their operations. They are going to continue making the seasoning mix that people know and love, and have even had to recently expand their manufacturing capability to meet demand. The seasoning does, however, contain monosodium glutamate which some people may prefer not to consume. Very recently, KMC has added a new product to their seasoning range. They now sell an MSG-Free product which can be distinguished by the all-new green branding. This new product contains the same household ingredients and taste that people have come to expect but excludes the controversial monosodium glutamate additive.

While KMC is being quiet about what exactly comes next, they promise that more food products are just around the corner and that it will offer more choice away from the Chinese seasoning that they currently sell. The aim remains to sell products that add flavour and spice while keeping it as a healthy choice.

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