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What To Cook When You Have No Food?


If you are a foodie and always have cravings every week for trying something new. Then we will be showing you today. What to cook when you have no food available for cooking. There can be hundreds of dishes which you can cook without having a gas stove as well. We will be presenting the best and easy things to make to eat with minimal ingredients.

What To Cook When You Have No Food Available?

If you are worried about what to cook when you have no food or no money, we have figured it out with research. Below we have provided you with the easy things to make to eat. Check out the dishes which you can make when you are hungry and have no food in the kitchen or fridge.

List of Items To Cook When You Have No Food

  • Sandwich
  • Bhelpuri
  • Lemonade
  • Cucumber Soup
  • Boondi Raita
  • Chickpea Salad
  • Kulfi
  • Papad Cone Chaat
  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Jhal Muri


It’s a dish which is really simple to make. Take two pieces of bread. Add veggies inside it and for dressings add mayonnaise, cheese, or sauce. It is suggested you should make it with whole wheat bread. It is better for you than flour bread as well. If you are confused between Burger vs Sandwich, you can read the comparison and clear all your doubts.


Bhelpuri is Mumbai street food with puffed rice, potatoes, onion with ground spices, and Sev. This dish is easy to make at home and easy to make things to eat. It is a tasty snack having a lot of flavors like tangy and spicy.


In summers we can drink Lemonade which is refreshing and provides hydration to your body. It can be easily made with just water, lemon, and sugar. It is really easy to make as well. If you stir these things together you will be able to make Lemonade which not only provides you Vitamin C and Calcium. You can also make it using syrup as well to add more taste as well.

Cucumber Soup

A soup that is perfect for you and provides hydration as well. Cook when you have no food and garnish with coriander.  

Enjoy the freshness of cucumber and yogurt. For some crunch add parmesan-coated croutons. It is healthy as well and good for weight loss as well.

Boondi Raita

Any food meal in Indian lunch or dinner. Can’t be fulfilled without something for dessert and Boondi Raita is one of these dishes. For this, you need very few things. Like:- Curd, Boondi, mint leaves, onion, etc. Just take curd in a glass or bowl then add Boondi, mint, and chopped onions and stir it well and your Boondi raita is ready.

Chana Salad (Chickpea Salad)

Everyone enjoys a quick and easy salad recipe to fulfill their lunchtime hunger pangs. An easy-to-make salad that tastes great and doesn’t require any cooking. Instead of a traditional Caesar Salad, why not try making your own Chana Salad or Chickpea Salad with a simple homemade lemon-olive oil dressing. That’s for sure.

It’s easy to cook ahead of time, and this chickpea salad with aromatic spices will satisfy all of your appetites and serve as a hearty side dish. You’ll find a wonderful variety of flavors in every bite. Make this salad, and you’ll never want to make another one again. This dish is quite simple to put together, and it can be used in a variety of different ways. You can cook Chana Salad when you are hungry and have no food in the house.


Kulfi Recipe is made with condensed milk This is a fast kulfi recipe that requires no cooking. It will just take you ten minutes to combine the ingredients. Wait for the freezer to do its work and then pour into molds. Traditional preparation necessitates a significant investment in terms of time and effort on your part. Adding khoya and/or cream for extra richness is necessary in this case. That handmade malai kulfi recipe has previously been shared with you.

Papad Cone Chaat

Chatpata chaats from the North Indian subcontinent are popular snacks. Try this delicious chaat recipe, which takes just a few minutes to put together. To enjoy delicious Papad Cone Chat with a cup of chai in the evening, use this recipe. This unusual combination of papad and Namkeen will quickly become a family favorite. Chaat masala and cut vegetables are all that’s needed. It’s a great idea for kitty parties and birthday celebrations to provide these adorable papad cones as a snack.

Pomegranate Juice 

Make your own pomegranate juice and reap the benefits.

There are numerous health benefits to drinking this, making it one of the greatest. This energizing and delectable deliciousness is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to one’s health in the long term. Immunity is boosted, the body is naturally cleansed of toxins, and it delivers essential minerals. An aril is a jewel-like red pulp covering each seed in this multi-sided fruit, which can range from a brownish-yellow to a bright scarlet. Clusters of closely packed arils are separated by white or yellow membranes, which isolate the arils from each other. It is from this old sweet-tart fruit that grenadine, a fruity syrup widely used in popular cocktails and mocktails, gets its beginnings.

South Asian and Middle Eastern dishes continue to incorporate it. In the months of September to November, the majority of the year’s pomegranates are in season (although you can find them in stores as late as January). There are many ways you can enjoy the arils, such as in salads and desserts as well as sprinkled over yogurt. Pomegranate juice is also an excellent item to include in your diet. 

Jhal Muri 

It is one of the most popular Bengali and Odia snacks for your evening cravings. Puffed rice is known as muri, while Jhal means spicy. Everybody’s favorite food is Jhal muri, a spicy puffed rice treat. In addition to Jhalmuri, Bhelpuri and Churumuri are two additional popular Jhalmuri varieties. In India, there are many distinct names for puffed rice. Muri, Murmura, Maramara, Pori, and Murmura are just a few of the more common Jhal Common terms. It is a product of puffing rice. In the majority of cases, it is employed in the production of snack foods.

Jhal muri may be made in a few minutes flat. There are a few fundamental components that go into this dish, such as pre-cooked puffed rice and roasted peanuts. It is flavored with a variety of spice powders. Serving Jhal muri right away prevents the puffed rice from becoming soggy. Onion Pakoda or Mirchi Bajji are two of our go-to sides along with Jhal Muri.

Can We Cook These Dishes Without A Gas Stove? 

Yes, these dishes don’t require you to cook food and it is easily made without cooking and with just a few ingredients and these are ready.

Do We Have Cooking Skills Or Kitchen Skills For Making These Dishes?

No, even a beginner or novice also can make these dishes as these don’t require cooking skills and a gas stove as well.

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