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What Food To Take With You On The Trip?


Preparing provisions for the road requires thought and proper preparation. What should we eat while traveling? What to drink? What to take on a short trip and what on a long trip? What should be the food on the road? Certainly tasty!
When going on a trip, we usually complete our provisions so that it is high-calorie and tasty, and at the same time takes up little space in the backpack. Unfortunately, when we are troubled by departure, we usually don’t pay attention to the composition of the food packaged products. We are guided by the very need to pack food for the road so that we do not get tired during the journey. Meanwhile, it turns out that healthy snacks will provide us with more energy than highly processed products, which will additionally improve our well-being. What should you eat while traveling?

Sandwich – best friend
Sandwiches are perfect for a shorter trip or as a snack on a longer trip. It is worth using wheat bread for their preparation. Rather, give up butter and mayonnaise due to the tendency to smear and dirty. Sandwiches can be made with ripe yellow cheeses, but avoid moldy ones.
What to eat while traveling – snacks
A dry lunch that we pack with us on a trip is always good protection against ill-considered snacks that could fall in between meals during times of great famine. In this case, it is always worth having a packet of nuts, pistachios, or a packet of rice wafers, which will always be better than sticks, crackers or crisps grabbed at the gas station. A good idea will also be: peanut butter, dried fruit (although they will saturate less than nuts), freeze-dried fruit, ready-made protein puddings, and for fans of salty morsels – good quality dried meat products with as low salt and fat as possible.
The following are also healthy snacks on the go:
Rice waffles
Crispy bread
Vegetables, sliced ​​tomatoes, cherry tomatoes
Fruits (here it is worth choosing those that do not get your hands dirty on the go)
Lunch – the journey continues
During a long car trip, you should remember frequent stops, which are important for the regeneration of strength, mental rest, and the so-called bone stretching. Not only the spine feels the hardships and strains of long sitting behind the wheel, but also the entire digestive system. During these shortstops, short walks, simple stretching exercises, and a light meal before lunch are recommended. The menu may include, for example, natural yogurt mixed with muesli (oatmeal, wheat, and rye bran with the addition of fruit, preferably seasonal). You can also take drinks in your short trip, here is the recipe of How To Make A Traditional Mexican Michelada.  This drink will be the good companion in your short trip.

Rich food (lunch on the way)
If I know I will skip my main meal, I will also pack something more substantial. Tortillas are a great alternative to all kinds of sandwiches, I like them the most in the form of quesadillas. Which can be baked even in the evening, and then wrapped in food foil, then it is even tastier, because it becomes soft and compact.
Sometimes I also make pasta on a trip. You have to choose one that tastes good cold and can actually be treated as a more substantial salad. Rice noodles with vegetables, for example, are very suitable for this. All you need to do is pack it in a container, take disposable cutlery or chopsticks with you, and you’ll be ready to eat a full meal. A great choice, although not the obvious ones are pancakes, e.g. zucchini, and the aforementioned salad, e.g. with halloumi cheese. You can also pack some Sushi Pie slices for your road trip, You can make it at home in very little time, the Sushi Pie Recipe is very easy and simple. I think this is a good choice for your trip.
When choosing food that we will take on a journey, we must remember that it should be compact, not dirty, and without any tendency to soften or fall apart. Such food should simply be easy to consume, even under field conditions.

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Dinner – a journey under the cover of night
Dinner falls in the evening time, so you should prepare such a meal to adequately strengthen the body, but also not to overload it because the metabolism at this time of the day is clearly slower. The dinner proposal may include a salad with salmon and vegetables and dark bread.

What to eat to feel light and strong?
During a long journey, you need to remember about easily digestible, nutritious food. According to the principle of less, often it is recommended to eat small portions, but at small intervals, so as not to disturb the proper metabolism in such specific conditions as sitting for a long time. It is also not recommended to eat fried and spicy foods with sauces, as they are not quick-change products. You should also avoid foods that cause gas, such as legumes and foods that are high in carbohydrates. It is absolutely necessary to remember proper hydration to keep the body in good condition.

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