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Let’s face it, people, we all are food lovers! We love trying different things and there’s barely something that doesn’t fascinate us as food. In the restaurants, people come and order their favorite meals and enjoy their hearts out. Of course, the meal at your restaurant is super delicious and people would pay even more to get that food down their throats.

display your food at a restaurant like a pro

However, one of the main reasons behind people going nuts over your food is the presentation. The way you present your food to your customers has a lot to do with your brand value and image. Doing it in a bad or poor way is surely going to give you nothing. It’s kind of disrespectful and you’re actually taking down your brand’s image. 

Did you know that the presentation is everything at first? If it’s great then the rest of the things like your food’s taste or other things won’t matter that much. You can even charge more and people will still pay. BUT! If the food isn’t presented in a good way, then even if it’s extremely wonderful, people won’t “love” or even “like” to come to your restaurant. So take care of how you display the food and you will see some nice changes in your brand’s value and sales. I have some suggestions for you so… yeah let’s get into them!

The Old Rule of Clock

Well, you have a freshly cooked meal in front of you and now you have to present it in an enticing way. Just use a simple plate and apply this old rule that will do wonders for you. It’s simple, easy, and fascinating. Just get a nice plate and look at it as a clock. Then place the food at different hours. You can set the pasta, rice, or other carbohydrates at 10 or 11, the veggies at 2 or 3 maybe and then the main course at 7. This will look super cool, neat, and amazing. Don’t call it old-fashioned way because it’s up even now and is trending like crazy. Think about it!

Use Separate Bowls 

Now, this is one great way to display food in a restaurant. This is the most suitable for you if you think that it’s hard for you to make a nice presentation in just one bowl or plate. This technique is usually used in Japan but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It doesn’t matter if you serve Japanese food or not, this food display works every time like a charm. For example, if you’re serving fries, you can do that by placing a few of them in each little bowl with sauce underneath them. This is quite captivating a rare-to-find presentation. You can experiment with other types of foods as well according to your own creativity. 

Decorate Plates with Sauces

This one is good for creative people and I know you’re one of them. But for this, you need to have lots of time, since it takes time, duh! So get your plates ready and all you gotta do is make different designs on them with sauces. However, the main course only takes a small portion of the plate and the rest of it is decorated with sauces. This is really an aesthetic approach to presenting your food. Think of various designs, research more, and implement them in your work. You will get a really, REALLY good response. 

Do Some Abstract Art 

Nothing’s better than abstract art on food. It doesn’t require that much of creativity and all you gotta do is stay natural. Put the food on the plate randomly and seriously, you don’t have to care about the symmetry. Stay asymmetrical and this is what will make your abstract food presentation more interesting. The best way to do it is to use bigger plates white in color and combine lots of colors (of food) to decorate the whole serving. This will be a great deal for the customers to see such a nice presentation of food at your restaurant. And you can guess what will happen next, right? Of course, more people will start to visit your restaurant more often. 

Using Decorative Boxes for Fast Food

Fast food is supposed to be made fast, right? So it shouldn’t be taking time to be served at the customer’s table which means that you shouldn’t spend time decorating the whole thing. What you need to do is get some awesome product display boxes that you can use for food display. You can contact Dawn Printing for this purpose as they are the best at food packaging. The boxes should be made up of kraft cards that are non-toxic and will definitely enlighten your mood with your favorite food in them. 


Restaurants have to use different ways to present their meals to the customers because this is one good step towards your brand awareness. This is pure marketing that you’re letting people know how awesome and creative you guys are. People will love your place much more than any other because of how you display the food. You can try the above-mentioned techniques or even create your own to get your restaurant the attention it deserves. 

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