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Tips For Making The Perfect Burger


Whether you are starting a burger restaurant, or simply want to grill some burgers for the 4th of July, having the skills to make a perfect burger will never go unused. You don’t eat beef? Who cares! You’re vegetarian? No problem! Even a vegan can eat a burger, With so many varieties available on the market. Here are the Best tips for taking the perfect burger.

Without further ado, here are tips from Checkers and Rally’s, a Burger Franchise, to make the ultimate perfect burger.

Use Fresh Ingredients

It does not matter what type of patty you are using, you can be using beef, chicken, veggie, or mushroom, but if you are making your own patties, use fresh ingredients.

This is even more important if you are using meat. You do not want to use frozen beef, and it should have at least 20% fat content.

Keep Ingredients Cold

Until you fully form your burgers you want to avoid touching them with your hands as much as possible. Try not to heat them up, and keep your ingredients cold. This will allow the burgers to react to the heat once you place them on the grill.

Do Not Salt Until After Cooking

If you are using animal protein then salt can dissolve the muscle proteins, but it is good to wait to salt all patties until fully cooked. This is because it can pull out moisture that would be helpful while cooking. This will change the texture of your patties regardless of what they are made out of.

Shape Matters

The shape of your patties will affect how they cook. If you have a scale it can help you to keep a uniform size, but otherwise, try to eyeball it. Keep all your patties the same shape and size, so that you know exactly how long to cook them.

Add Plenty of Seasoning

When you cook your patties you will lose some of the flavors, so it is important to season them liberally. Season your patties with sea salt, fresh black pepper, onion powder, and even herbs if you like! You can also add an egg to your mixture to keep them together, or cheese for a bit of added flavor.

Flip Your Burger as Many Times as you Like

Even though you may have heard you should flip your burgers only once, there is no shame in flipping your patties often.

Flipping your burger every 15-20 seconds can allow for more internal cooking, which will allow you to cook for a shorter period of time. This is also important if you are cooking chicken or veggie patties because you will want them to be fully cooked through.

Use a Thermometer

When cooking meat, a thermometer is the best way to know if your burgers are finished.
Typically, for cooking beef you can follow the guide below:
120°F (49°C) rare (red/raw in the center)
130°F (54°C) medium-rare (pink and warm)
140°F (60°C) medium ( pink, starting to dry out)
150°F (66°C) medium-well (grayish-pink, much drier)
160°F (71°C) well-done (completely gray, very little moisture)

If you are cooking chicken or turkey you will want to cook at or above 165°F (74°C).

Choose a Good Bun

Your bun is almost as important as your patty. Pick a bun with flavor that will compliment whichever patty you have chosen. Remember, if your patty is too soft your burger might fall apart.

Add Whatever Toppings you Would Like

Never let anyone tell you what to add to your burger . . . it is your burger. You can add various types of cheese, raw onions, grilled onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, peppers, or any other vegetable. Pile the toppings on, and enjoy your perfect burger exactly the way you want to eat it.

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