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The Most Stunning Cake Shapes Of All Times


The cake is a food item that we as humans should be collectively thankful for. It is sweet, it is moist, it is beautiful and it is fragrant. It is all things amazing. This explains why we incorporate it in all of our big and small celebrations. You must be aware of birthday cakes and anniversary cakes because those are the two occasion cakes that were traditionally popular. Now, with the passage of time, we have expanded the list of occasions for which we need cakes. For example, now we have six months anniversary cakes, get well soon cakes, father’s day cakes, mothers day cakes. Now, we are not criticizing our growing need for cakes on different occasions not because we can’t but because we don’t want to. In fact, we are happy that we are giving cakes the importance and recognition that they deserve in our society. With different flavors, cakes also come in different shapes. Bakingo’s cake delivery in Pune ensures that your cake reaches you in perfect shape right on time. On that note, we have listed the most stunning cake shapes of all time.

Heart shape

The heart shape cake is a classic one. It is nothing too new. In fact, it is quite traditional but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that it is downright stunning. Anyone would melt at the sight of a heart shape cake. It would be fair to say that heart shaped cakes are pretty common and we are grateful for that. This is because good things should be accessible to all. So it is only for the right and kind reasons that the heart shape cake is on this list.

Cartoon shape

The cartoon shape cake is something that is fairly new. With the advent of technology, we started having posters and photo cakes being made available to us. That is about the time when the cute cartoon shape cake made its place not only in the markets but also in our hearts. We would like to mention that cartoon shape cakes are an umbrella term. It includes cakes shaped as different cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse, Minions, Barbie, Roary the racing car are amongst the top choices of people ordering cartoon shape cakes. It would be an understatement to say that cartoon shape cakes are adorable to look at.

Book shape

The book shape cake is getting all the rage in the world of bibliophiles. A bibliophile is a person who loves to read and collect books. So, it only makes sense why a bibliophile would love a book shape cake. The cherry on the top of a book shape cake is that it looks almost real. Usually, you would find book shape cakes in the form of books stacked on top of each other. Order a book shape cake to impress your book-loving friend today.

Alcohol bottle shape

Now, this particular paragraph about a variety of cake shapes is strictly for adults for all the right reasons. We would be giving alcohol bottle shape cakes their honorable mention. You would be wrong to think that alcohol bottle shape cakes contain any sort of alcohol. They are just made in the shape of an alcohol bottle. They are made with the ingredients of a regular cake. You can have alcohol on your cake if you want. Your alcohol bottle shape cake can also have miniature alcohol bottles on top if you want.

Alphabet shape

Alphabet shape cakes are pretty popular amongst children. Parents usually like to have a cake for their kids in the shape of their initials. It goes without saying that alphabet shape cakes are incredibly cute.

Human shape

Human shape cakes are the next level of cakes. They require a little more creativity and perfection. However, they look amazing. You need to order it in advance if you want in right on time, though.

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