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Prunes Vs Plums – Health Impact and Nutrition Comparison


Prunes And Plums are related fruits because they grow in the same plant genus called “Prunus”. In this article, all the related facts will be disclosed about Prunes Vs plums – Health impact and Nutrition Comparison. Hope you will know the Prunes Vs Plums Health Benefits And Nutrition. And I have also shared Prunes And Plums Side Effects. Let’s understand the related terms below:

What Are Prunes?

The Prunes are dried plums naturally dried in the sunlight and do not need to undergo the fermentation process. These are rich in high antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and minerals which helps in providing nutrition to the individual’s health.  Prunes are also rich in fiber that has laxative properties.

What Are Plums?

Plums are usually fresh and juicy fruit and these are the type of medium-sized stone fruit. Because they have a pit inside the fruit. It is a seasonal fruit and the most delicious at the time of its season. Prunes Vs Plums both are similar yet different, so they have similar kinds of nutrients. You can cook various items using Prunes and Plums.

Difference Between Prunes And Plums

I have already explained in the above paragraphs what Prunes And Plums are. Now, I am going to explain the Difference Between Prunes And Plums. Hope you’ll get a clear viewpoint of each fruit. 

  • Prunes And Plums are related but different in taste and appearance. Prunes are dried Plums and plums are juicy fruits.
  • Prunes are dried plums but not all plums are prunes. The Prunes And Plums both come from the same plant called Prunus.
  • Prunes are in a dark color and have a wrinkled appearance while, Plums are oval, fleshy red, and purple color and covered with a white powder.
  • Prunes have concentrated sweetness and they are sticky, chewy. On the other hand, Plums are sweet, juicy and their taste ranges from sweet to tart. 

Prunes And Plums Nutrition Comparison

Prunes Vs plums – Health impact and Nutrition Comparison.  In the above paragraph, I have discussed the Difference Between Prunes Vs Plums. I am hoping your confusion regarding Prunes Vs Plums is clear, and you are able to differentiate both Prunes Vs Plums.

Thus, both the fruits are highly nutritious and rich in fiber and potassium. Let’s discuss the Prunes vs Plums Nutrition Comparison in the below table:

Fiber1 gm2 gm
Carbohydrates8 gm18 gm
Sugar7 gm11 gm
Potassium105 mg210 mg

I have explained in detail in the below paragraphs what are the Prunes Vs Plums Health Benefits.

Prunes Vs Plums Health Benefits

Prunes Vs Plums - Health Impact and Nutrition

Prunes have antioxidants that help in making bones stronger and also reversing the bones mineral density loss that has occurred in the past. They are also helping in reducing the risk of cancer and preventing the cell membrane from free radical damage. Prunes And Plums have various health benefits, which you should definitely add to your meal. You can have these fruits as fresh or in a juicy way. In the market, you can buy from the grocery stores fresh plums and prunes. However, dried Plums are better than Prunes,  because Plums are more nutritious than Prunes. Hope now you know what are Prunes Vs Plums – Health Impact and Nutrition Comparison.

Prunes Vs Plums Side Effects

Prunes have laxative properties that cause diarrhea, if you are suffering from diarrhea, you should avoid eating prunes. These fruits have calories and sugar which may lead to weight gain. Due to this, weight gain may occur when you have an excessive amount, so you should have it in a limited way. 

What Happens If You Eat Plums Every Day?

If you eat plums every day, it will help in digestion and also help in relieving constipation. It has antioxidants and fiber that make the immune system stronger and is helpful for managing blood sugar levels. You should start adding plums to your meal, then you will see by yourself What Will Happen If You Eat Plums Every Day. If you do not know How Many Plums Should You Eat Per Day, eating 5-6 dried plums should be enough for a day for adults? For children, 2-3 dried plums are enough. 

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I have explained related terms Prunes Vs plums – Health impact and Nutrition Comparison and the related terms. Before eating these fruits, you should see the Prunes Vs Plums Health Benefits And Side Effects. I hope you liked my content and find it informative and I have tried to tell you all the necessary facts related to Prunes And Plums.

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