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Papa John’s Pizza Size & Price

How Many Pizzas Do I Order?


Pizza is widely famous around the world and most of us love eating pizza everywhere. In this article, we will explain Papa John’s Pizza Size and Price: And we will also discuss How Many Pizzas Do I Order? Before talking about the main topic let’s have a look at the history of Papa John pizza. It is an American restaurant franchise and the fourth largest pizza point in the United States. The headquarter of papa John pizza is in Atlanta Georgia and it was founded in 1984. 

Papa John’s Pizza Size Or Price

Papa john’s pizza price starts from $4 to $38 and that includes other smacks and beverages. It is an excellent pizza point for quality delicious pizza. In its menu, you will find various types of pizza. Below we have mentioned its menu along with the varieties of papa john’s pizza. Have a look at the menu:

PizzaSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Original Cheese$8$10$17$14
Original john’s favorite$13$15$17$19
Original Sausage$9$11.25$13.5$15.75
Original Work$13$15$17$15.75
Original Meat$13$15$17$19
Original Buffalo Chicken$13$15$17$19
Original Garden Fresh$13$15$17$19
Spicy Italian$13$15$17$19
Spinach Alfredo$13$15$17$19
BBQ Chicken Bacon$13$15$17$19
Hawaiian BB Chicken$13$15$17$19
Tuscan Six Cheese$13$15$17$19
Mediterranean Veggie$13$15$17$19
Chicken And Veggie$13$15$17$19
Tropical Luau$13$15$17$19
Hawaiian Chicken$13$15$17$19
Double Bacon 6 Cheese$13$15$17$19
Grilled Chicken Club$13$15$17$19
Cheesy Chicken$13$15$17$19

How Many Pizza Do I Order?

We can say that pizza is the best meal to serve for various occasions such as office parties, home parties, and group parties. When we host an event or party then, the first thing that comes into our mind is pizza. It is very difficult to decide to order which type of pizza would be best for everyone. Before, order the pizza you should remember the things that we have mentioned in the bullets below.

  • If you’re organizing the party and event then, how many people will come?
  • Which type of guest will come such as how many adults, kids and, senior citizens.
  • If you will order only pizza then, which type of pizza guest would be like to eat.

If you are still confused about deciding to order how many pizzas do I order? then, ahead of this, Calculate the number of people and decide the size of pizza that would be perfect for everyone.

  • Small Pizza comes with 8 to 10 inches in which you can get the 6 slices.
  • Medium pizza comes with 12 inches in which you can get 8 slices.
  • Large pizza of 14 inches has 10 slices in which each people will get one slice of pizza.
  • Extra Large Pizza comes with 16 and 18 inches in which you can get the 12 slices that are enough for 4 to 5 people”s. 

Order For A Group Members

If you are making a plan to organize a group party in the case of you should these things that we have explained below.

  • Order your pizzas on time.
  • Order the extra-large pizza in which almost 5 people’s can eat easily.
  • Order best toppings pizzas for a group party because many people like to eat pineapple on the pizza and pepperoni.

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We are pleased to see that you have seen this article in which we have explained papa john’s pizza. And how many pizzas do I order? We have also discussed the menu of Papa John’s. We also recommended which type of pizza would be best for more people. We hope that you understood all the essential points. 

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