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Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe


In German, Austrian, and Czech cuisines, Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe is a popular delicacy, you can’t resist ordering a liver dumpling soup as a beginning if you see it on a menu.

To prepare liver dumpling soup Czech, add liver dumplings to clear broth soups, primarily beef or chicken soups.

Some households boil the liver dumplings separately in saltwater before adding them to the already cooked soup. 

It is because the dumplings can somewhat muddy the broth during cooking, however, dumplings cooked directly in the broth will boost their flavor so I also suggest you do it.

Ingredients To Prepare Czech Liver Dumplings Soup

  • Chicken Liver: It is the base for your soup, select fresh quality and clean before you use it
  • Garlic: It should be fresh and peeled and nicely sliced
  • Egg: We add it in dumplings so that they won’t fall apart
  • Breadcrumbs: For crunchiness
  • Unsalted Butter: Make it soft at room temperature
  • Salt: According to your taste
  • Black paper: Fresh and ground
  • Dried marjoram: It’s a Czech spice, to make soup traditional

Now we have the ingredients that we need to make a Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe, Prepare a clear chicken liver dumpling soup in which you will boil the dumplings.

Along with this, you can also check the French Onion Soup Recipe with simple ingredients.

How To Prepare Bread Crumbs For Liver Dumpling Soup?

Breadcrumbs are used instead of flour in traditional liver dumpling soup Czech. Breadcrumbs are made in the Czech Republic from dried plain white bread. 

A French baguette, veka bread, rohliky rolls, or husky braided buns. One of them can be used in making bread crumbs.

Using a hand grinder with a cheese grating insert, grind the dried bread. In a food processor, crush the dry bread into fine breadcrumbs.

What Are The Steps To Cook Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe?

I will tell you the easiest way possible to make chicken liver dumpling soup, just remember don’t skip any step in any case.

  1. Remove any visible white veins from the chicken livers. Place all of the ingredients in a food processor and pulse for a few seconds.
  1. Add sliced garlic, an egg, dried marjoram, softened butter, salt, and ground black pepper with all these starts mixing again.
  1. Move that mixture to a bowl, and add breadcrumbs, stir till it gets combined.
  1. Allow 30 minutes for the mixture to rest. Don’t worry if the mixture is a little runny at first; it will stiffen up as it sits.
  1. Now it is ready to have shape.

How To Shape Dumpling?

There are two methods for shaping dumplings which I will add in Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe, both methods are easy still you can prefer any to your taste.

First Method

Dump the mixture onto a breadcrumb-dusted work surface. Form a cylinder with your hands quickly. In a bowl of water, wet your hands.

Take an equal amount of the mixture and scoop it out. Roll a 12-inch (4-centimeter) diameter ball between your palms. Place it in the soup that’s been simmering. Quickly continue to mold the dumplings.

This method is for those who wanted to make their dumplings look beautiful and round.

Second Method

Now if you want to make dumplings quickly just scoop up the mixture with two spoons dipped in water and form it as circular as possible. An easy and fast technique to make dumplings for our Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe.

If you want to change the dumpling taste you can even fried liver dumplings, and they will become more crispy and softer inside.

Lastly, you have to cook the dumplings for 5 minutes in a boiling broth. The dumplings will rise to the surface after some time.


Food Serving is an important part of this liver dumpling soup Czech, to give the soup a traditional look, Serve the liver dumplings as part of the soup you cooked them in. Depending on their size, about 3-5 dumplings should go on a soup plate.

How To Keep Extra Dumplings?

Boil the liver dumplings in salted water if you’re making stock. Cool the freshly cooked dumplings in cold water for a few minutes; they will not dry out and will stay soft.

Place the dumplings in an airtight container and frozen liver dumplings after they have cooled.

Some Useful Tips

These are a few useful tips that you should be kept in mind while preparing Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe. Let’s read below:

  • If the liver dumpling mixture is still too runny after 30 minutes, whisk in a tablespoon or two of breadcrumbs and set aside for 5 minutes more.
  • The mixture of liver dumplings should be soft, not too much stuff, or else it will tough and tend apart while cooking.
  • The liver dumpling dough should have a stronger flavor. During the boiling procedure, the broth or water will absorb some of the flavors.

What Are Liver Dumplings Made Of?

You can make it from chicken liver, or beef liver, cause they use one of them as the main ingredients of the Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe

Can You Freeze Liver Dumplings?

Yes, you can freeze Liver Dumplings to keep as stocks just boil them in saltwater at the start so they will stay soft in the freezer.

Do Dumplings Float When Done?

Of course, it will start floating when it is fully cooked.

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