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Junk Food Is Injurious To Health?


Junk Food Is Injurious To Health?

Here Are The 8 Benefits Of Eating Pizza

You must have heard quite a few times how unhealthy a pizza is. It is a very common opinion that even pizza lovers themselves agree with. Most of the time, people fail to realize that pizza can actually be extremely healthy. For sure, pizza is full of carbohydrates. But you need carbohydrates to maintain a healthy diet. People have this unfounded notion that everything that tastes delicious is bad for their health.

Though we do classify pizza as junk food, still, we do not fry it in oil nor do we use a lot of oil while making it. Which means it is relatively healthy. People’s main concern is a large amount of cheese in it. However, in fact, cheese is good for a healthy lifestyle. So, why do we all say junk food is injurious to health? It can be beneficial, here are the 8 benefits of eating pizza.

Pizza can fulfill your vegetable requirements

Vegetables are an important part of our diet. However, many people do not like eating them. People can have more vegetables while eating a pizza than they do in routine. Most of the time, we top the pizza with healthy vegetables of all types. This way, you can even fulfill your vegetable requirements.

Even people who are strictly vegan can enjoy pizza with vegetable-only toppings and plant-based cheese substitutes. Since people of all age groups love pizza, you can give it to your kids who normally don’t like to eat vegetables. Your kids and you will consider eating the same number of vegetables unpleasant and a chore when they aren’t a topping on pizza.

Besides, all the vegetables that are present in your pizza are extremely beneficial and are rich in antioxidants. If you want to stay healthy, then don’t go for the fried vegetables on the top of your pizza. You will be just eating more calories instead of getting all the health benefits nutrients from your vegetables. Thus, you can choose to have fresh veggie toppings for a fun and healthy experience.

Good absorption of lycopene

Lycopene is a healthy chemical that can help decrease the cholesterol level in your blood. Usually, people take it orally in nutritional supplements. But, it is present in bright-colored fruits like tomatoes and strawberries as well. Researchers say that the human body absorbs lycopene more readily when we eat cooked tomatoes as compared to when we eat them uncooked.

Since tomato sauce is the base of your pizza, you can get a good amount of lycopene out of your pizza. Thus, that can help decrease the cholesterol level in your blood. Each slice of pizza contains at least one tablespoon of tomato paste. That will give you 2000 mcg of lycopene which is more than you can get out of one bowl of cherry tomatoes. Plus, let’s not forget the tomatoes that you will eat as a topping.

A balanced meal

If you are looking for a meal that can satisfy all your nutrient requirements. If you are looking for a well-balanced meal, you can even have a slice of pizza for your breakfast too. The reason why this is a well-balanced meal is that it contains vegetables, meat, and bread as well. So, this is all you would normally want to eat in a meal, but with everything baked together, this meal is more delicious.

Pizza can make your bones stronger

It is a known fact that you need to have more calcium to have stronger bones. The source of calcium is mainly all dairy products, and that includes cheese too. As you know, cheese is the main ingredient and one of the most pleasant ones in a pizza. So, eating a pizza also helps in fulfilling your calcium requirements. Hence, having pizza daily can do quite a lot of good for you. Maybe even more than you think.

Pizza is full of proteins as well

The protein requirement of every person varies according to his or her body weight. Still, for an average person, the amount of meat in a pizza is enough for that person’s protein requirement. Pizza is full of meats, which have a lot of protein in them. Each slice of pizza can contain up to about 12 grams of proteins. 

Proteins in your diet are very important because they build your muscles and keep you satiated.  The cheese in your pizza can also provide you with a good number of proteins. The proteins from a pizza slice can help repair your body tissues and improve your muscle health.

You can always choose whole wheat crust pizza

If you are the type of person who keeps their carbohydrates in check, you can always opt for whole wheat crust pizza. Usually, fancier pizza places can provide you with this option. You can enjoy a whole wheat crust pizza to lower your carbohydrate intake while still enjoying pizza. Hope after reading the whole Article you will have not any doubt about Junk Food Is Injurious To Health?

A whole-wheat crust pizza will also provide you with more nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, whole wheat is also rich in fiber. That means your digestive system will also stay in good health. That’s a win-win for everyone!

You can customize your pizza

Pizza is one of the only foods you can customize according to the dietary restrictions that you or your dietician set.  You can add any vegetables and meat that you want to your pizza. You can even change the crust of the pizza if you want fewer carbohydrates or no carbohydrates at all. 

If you are a vegetarian, you can use just veggies on your pizza. If you don’t want any vegetables, you can go for the meat-only pizza. You can even add fruits like pineapple to your pizza if you want to. Although it is quite controversial for many.

Pizza can improve your brain health

This may seem shocking, but pizza can improve your brain health. It can affect your brain health because of spinach, which is a common topping for pizzas. Spinach is high in folates, which means the blood circulation in your body and brain will improve. The presence of vitamin k also decreases cognitive decline in older people. So, eating pizza with spinach is good for your health. 

One more thing that this pizza topping does is increase the serotonin level in your body. This specific chemical is responsible for controlling positive and negative emotions in your body. So, if you want to make sure that you get good brain health, make sure to ask for a spinach topping. Spinach is not something that kids like a lot, but they will eat almost anything as a pizza topping. So, you can take advantage of that and feed them healthy veggies like spinach too. Hope now, you don’t have any doubt about Junk Food Is Injurious To Health?


So, these are all the eight healthy secrets of eating a pizza. It is a meal that you can choose to make healthy for yourself. If you order or customize your pizza correctly, you can have a meal full of healthy nutrients instead of just a portion of junk food injurious to health?. Thus, in the end, the choice is all yours. Do you want to taste only and no health or only health and no taste? We suggest that you have both by eating pizzas!

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