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How to Make Vanilla Extract | Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe


How to Make Vanilla Extract | Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is one of those staples in your spice cabinet because so many recipes call for it, anything from cookies and bread to sauces and vinaigrettes. But sometimes, the most straightforward recipes are the best. And any gourmet chef knows that the simpler the ingredients, the more essential it is for those ingredients to be of the highest quality. So, when it comes to vanilla cakes, vanilla frosting, vanilla custards, and vanilla bean ice cream, it’s essential to use the best quality vanilla extract you can. Try this Recipe How to Make Vanilla Extract | Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe, make better and delicious 

Finding the best quality vanilla bean can be challenging and, not to mention, expensive. Making homemade vanilla extract is so easy, and you can save so much money making your own. All you need are gourmet vanilla beans and alcohol.

Another benefit to making your own homemade seasoner is that you control what goes into it, ensuring it’s the best quality. Commercially manufactured flavourer can be made with sugar or other sweeteners to lessen the alcohol profile. And bring out the natural sweetness of the vanilla. However, not everyone wants added sugar in their extract, and when making your own vanilla flavor, you get to decide what extras you will or won’t include. And, if you really like an intense vanilla flavor, the only way to ensure you are getting the concentration of vanilla flavor you want is to make it yourself.

Vanilla Flavor

Keep reading for the vanilla extract recipe. But first, let’s talk about that vanilla flavor. Standard pure flavourer is what you will typically find at the store when you buy vanilla beans. And what it really means is how much vanilla is used to make the extract. In other words, it’s an indication of the vanilla concentration or intensity. To make standard pure vanilla extract, you’ll want to have .83 ounces of vanilla for every cup of alcohol. A 6–7-inch bean will average about .15 ounces. So, that means, for every cup of alcohol, you will want to use about 5 vanilla beans.   

Vodka is the most neutral alcohol in the flavor, so it is best for your standard vanilla extract recipe. The quality of vodka isn’t the most critical factor when making an extract that will be aged like this one. What really is the most important factor in the quality of your extract is the vanilla beans, so you’ll want to opt for gourmet vanilla beans. Of course, if you want to go with high-quality vodka, you can, but it’s not the difference-maker.   

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Here’s how to make the vanilla extract:

Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe (See Notes, below)

What You Need: 

  • 5-10 gourmet vanilla beans, depending on the preferred intensity
  • 1 cup vodka


  • Large jar with leak-proof lid, and smaller bottles (2-4 oz) with leak-proof lids or corks for bottling

How to Make:

  1. Slice your beans lengthwise to expose the vanilla seeds.
  2. Chop the beans into 2–3-inch pieces and place them at the bottom of the jar.
  3. Pour the alcohol over the top of the beans, ensuring they are fully submerged. 
  4. Place the lids on the jars and shake well. 
  5. Store the extract in a cool, dark place and return to shake it two or three times a day.
  6. After a couple of months, your vanilla bean should be potent enough to use. But the longer it is aged, the better it gets. 
  7. Once your flavoring is well-aged, use a small funnel to transfer it into smaller bottles (2-4 oz). 


  1. This recipe makes a standard intensity vanilla extract, known as single-fold. To double the intensity, also known as double-fold, you simply double the number of vanilla beans.
  2. After your flavourer has aged and you have transferred it to smaller bottles. The beans will be only partially spent, so you don’t have to waste any of them. You can use them to make vanilla sugar, vanilla powder, or start another round of extract. 

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Make Your Own Vanilla Extract at Home

That’s all there is to it. Do you see how simple it is to make yourself? And flavoring better yet, you can make something that is custom suited to your tastes if you like an intense vanilla flavor. But remember, the most critical thing is to use high-quality gourmet vanilla beans. 

Grade B Tahitian Vanilla beans are an ideal choice for making homemade seasoner that is unmatched in its flavor profile. These vanilla beans are soft and pliable, and when chopped, result in a superior vanilla extract. 

Aside from sweetening your own recipes and cocktails, the homemade seasoner also makes for a great gift! Start the process in the summer, and you’ll have a unique, personal gift to give to your friends, family, and coworkers by the holidays. 

Which recipe do you plan to try first after your homemade vanilla extract is ready?   

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