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Health Benefits of Organic Food by Kermit Highfield Louisville KY


Health food or organic food demand paced up in recent times, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. The unexpected assault of deadly virus reminded everyone of the old golden lesson, “Health is Wealth”, thereby people started adopting a healthy change in consumption pattern. They initiated contemplation on what is healthy food! You will know the Health Benefits of Organic Food by Kermit Highfield Louisville KY.

Amid all options, organic food caught the sight of numerous people, being a safer and nutritious-dense diet. It’s been trending in the food industry because of its major health benefits that other food can’t provide ever. Its latent benefits are everlasting that protect the body from upcoming diseases and illnesses. Kermit Highfield brings a quick excerpt on prime health benefits one can get by adding organic food to the diet! Have a look!

Why Organic Food?

Well, why not? Organic food is a complete package of health benefits. Without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemicals or pesticides, vegetables & fruits grown organically contain innumerable privileges. Stay healthy eat organic food.

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Food?

Here are some benefits your body directly experience after having this food!

An Immuno booster

Organic food reduces the risk of declined immunity as such food is packed with minerals, vitamins, and essential elements. However, as industrial ways are pacing up, farmers usually end up resorting to pesticides and chemicals to produce their products. Though these ways enhance yield and profits both, they invariably compromise the immune system of a person. So, making a potato four times larger might solve hunger issues but will not invest in their health at all. On the other side, organic food is a good immunity booster!

Diet Enriched in Antioxidants

Antioxidants plays a vital role in improving health and making a person healthy. Organic products lack chemicals and a brim of antioxidants. Overall helps in preventing premature aging, cardiac diseases, cognitive malfunction, vision issues, cancer, and many others. Chemicals lower down significant minerals and organic compounds from the diet and leave a negative impact on health. However, nutrition-dense organic food with antioxidants contributes to good health! In 2014, the British Journal of Nutrition published a Meta-Analysis in which they disclosed that organic crops consist of a higher level of antioxidants contrasting conventional crops. The complete analysis found that it contains 28% greater levels of stilbenes, 50% more levels of flavonols, 69% higher levels of flavanones, 51% greater levels of anthocyanins, and many more. 

Better Health

Organic food doesn’t contain any toxic elements as it’s not produced by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Its usage is highly beneficial and doesn’t adversely affect health.  Healthy foodstuff provides better nourishment as well that enhances the quality of life.

In 2013, a milk study was performed for about 18 months and it was found that organic production boosts up the nutritional quality of milk manifolds and shifts fatty acid composition.

Antibiotic Resistance

Non-organic food mostly contains antibiotics that are dangerous for overall health. Moreover, the vaccines used to produce such food also go along with it into our bodies. It makes humans susceptible to diseases and one has to take a lot many measures to save the health from derailing. However organic foods are free of growth hormones, vaccines, antibiotics, and other related harmful products, which makes them best for the health and don’t hinder the natural process of growth. In fact, its use is for the betterment of the body’s health.

In 2019, a dairy products study was conducted in which it was found that 60% of conventional milk samples consist of antibiotics, however, organic samples of milk didn’t consist of any sort of antibiotics. It shows the benefits of organic food items direct to health and how non-organic food is putting health at risk.

Free From Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge is basically a mixture of several known or unknown harmful materials with wastewater. Usually, to grow crops faster, this hazardous sewage sludge is used in place of fertilizers. This means, non-organic food we are eating contains dangerous pathogens, toxic compounds and is brimmed with diseases.

However, organic products don’t get prepared by using these harmful elements. Right from planting to raising & handling everything has a defined organic process. For its production, no such dangerous processes are followed and crops are grown by using a verified process that is not prohibited at all. 

Organic Food- Best for Health as well as Environment!

Organic farming is not just beneficial for the human body but also good for soil health and ultimately for the overall environment. The organic matter used to do organic farming subsumes green manures, animal manures, and all organic fertilizers that build up healthy soil. The food grown in such soil is disease and toxic-free and leads to better health. Also, it tolerates insects, and survives drought which is further quite good for the environment!

Have You Added an Organic Food Diet?

Kermit Highfield Louisville KY shares the top health benefits of organic food which is a boon for humans. Having a proper diet regularly saves you from upcoming diseases. Organic food produces better & favorable results. As the studies show, its benefits are in abundance in maintaining the strength of your body.

So, choose health by choosing organic food! Have a healthy life ahead!



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