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Food You Should Feed Your Furbaby


Our pets demand a lot of attention, love & no points for guessing, good food! While we know of this obvious requirement, do we really know about the kind of food we should be feeding our furbabies? Which pet food is healthier? What quantity to follow? This can be especially tough for new pet parents. But leave all your questions to us because we are here to help you navigate through them.

Is good food important for pets?

Someone once said that good food equals a good mood. They just didn’t know how true it is when it comes to our pets too! The food our pets eat reflects on their skin, hair, coat & body. If your pet is facing a plethora of bodily issues, chances are that they lack essential nutrients. Fulfill these deficiencies & your pet will recover in no time! So yes, good food is important for pets.

healthy dogs need certain nutrients

What should I feed my dog?

Being a dog parent, it is important to maintain a balance between their vegetarian & meat diet. It is often believed that dogs require only raw meat-based food. This is a misconception that needs to be done away with.

But this doesn’t mean that dogs can be fed anything & everything! Opt for healthy & nutritious dog food which has the perfect share of vegetables & chicken. When it comes to vegetables, opt for these –

  1. Green Peas contain lutein, an antioxidant that is good for skin & heart health
  2. Carrot offers vitamin A in abundance which supports eyesight & is also amazing for their dental health
  3. Beetroot is a rich source of vitamin C, folate & manganese, making the vegetable ideal for the overall well-being of your pet
  4. Potato when boiled, is a healthy source of carbohydrates that maintains energy levels in dogs
  5. Cucumber is the go-to vegetable during the summer season as it is a low-calorie snack & also has cooling properties
  6. Pumpkin regulates the digestive system & provides relief from constipation
  7. Broccoli is another vegetable that is high in fiber & low in fat, making it an absolutely healthy snack
  8. Green Beans boasts of multiple vitamins & is a great option for healthy snacks
  9. Sweet Potato contains plenty of vitamin A, provides nourishment to skin, coat & eyes to name a few
  10.  Lady Finger is a laxative that helps regulate the excretory system of dogs

While most of the veggies need to be cooked, some vegetables like Cucumber, Green Peas, Beetroot, and Carrot can be fed raw. Always wash them with fresh water. You can also feed fruits to your dogs –

  1. Banana is packed with potassium, vitamin B6 & manganese which is beneficial for their overall health
  2. Apple is an amazing source to maintain a dog’s oral health
  3. Blueberry contains a vast amount of antioxidants and therefore considered a superfood for dogs
  4. Mango is a high fiber fruit with multiple vitamins, therefore, making it a perfect fruit to snack on
  5. Watermelon being high on water & fiber is the best fruit to feed your dog on hot summer days
  6. Muskmelon is especially great if your dog is overweight as it is low in calories & high on fibers
  7. Strawberry is another fruit that will support your dog’s immune system & will also keep their oral health in check
  8. Coconut water contains potassium & electrolytes that will keep them hydrated on hot days
  9. Blackberry is low on calories, sugar & is full of antioxidants making it berry tasty & healthy for your dog

If the fruits have seeds, deseed them first & then feed your dog. Fruits contain sugar as well therefore remember to feed in moderation. Small portions will do the trick.

But if you are a working pet parent & don’t have a lot of time, then try fresh wet food for dogs. They contain a balanced amount of veggies & fresh chicken & are ready to serve.

What can I feed my cat?

 Unlike dogs, cats prefer a more meat-based diet. They are classified as “obligate carnivores” because they need meat to survive. It is an essential part of their existence. So include fresh chicken, meat, fish, eggs. Here is a list of foods that you should be feeding your cat –

  1. Chicken, meat, eggs & fish should make the bulk of your cat’s food as they prefer a meat-based diet over a vegetarian diet. But make sure you feed them only cooked meat
  2. Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, peas & green beans are healthy veggie options with several vitamins that can be fed to them. But if your cat doesn’t have a taste for them then they might end up rejecting it
  3. Milk products like curd, cheese & buttermilk are fermented food items with diverse benefits

You can also opt for dry food for dogs & cats & strike a balance between the two. Choose the one which is best suited for your pets because our pets deserve only the best!

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