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 Dorm Room Cuisine: Learn To Cook With These Simple Tips


When we are young we all love the great smells and sounds of cooking, but as we get older we tend to lose interest in the kitchen. Some people feel they don’t need to learn how to cook because they don’t enjoy the process or they find it odd having to be in the kitchen at odd times in the evening or on special occasions. Well, with so many ways to enjoy being in the kitchen why not consider how you can make being in the kitchen enjoyable again and add something new to your lifestyle? You can start with Dorm Room Cuisine: Learn To Cook With These Easy Tips and let’s explore below:

Dorm Room Cuisine: Learn To Cook With These Simple Tips

 1. Why You Should Learn To Cook While In College  

Learning to cook can save a significant amount of money. In order to double up your savings making sure you are conserving energy while cooking can also help you save on your Gas South bill. You can do this by unplugging appliances that are not in use because many appliances can use power even when they are not turned on – these are sometimes called energy vampires.

The tricks you learn in preparing good, simple meals while in college will serve you for the remainder of your life by making you more creative, and frugal.  You can learn to cook with less electricity and gas, and fewer appliances, and still make tasty and nutritious food.

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 2. Appliance And Gadgets You Can Cook With In Your Dorm

If you live in a dorm, you will have a tiny cooking space to work with. However, there are a number of gadgets that will make your dorm room function as a mini-kitchen.  Always remember that the most important aspect of purchasing any type of gadget for your dorm room is safety.

A microwave is top of the list for your room.  You can find models that are very compact, and use a minimal amount of electricity. While most dorms have a common area with a microwave, and maybe even a full-size kitchen, you will find lots of use for a microwave that you can keep on a shelf, or even under your bed.

The next thing that you need is some way to keep food frozen or at least cold.  This means some sort of mini-fridge.  Again, you need to look for the most compact unit you can find.  Space in your room will be extremely limited, and some campuses, notably those in Georgia, may monitor your electricity usage, so it is important to conserve.

The next appliance you might consider is a coffee maker.  Not only can you brew your own caffeine, but the hot water the machine makes it perfect for many soups, noodles, and other easy dishes that can be prepared in a cup just by adding boiling water.  If you can find a mini-fry pan, you can also use the bottom of the appliance as a mini-stove top.

Your mom probably sent you away to school with a clothes iron (which is no doubt unused up to now).  While you may not want to press your clothes, this appliance is a great source of heat for cooking 🙂

3. Dorm Room Cooking Tips

It may not be mom down-home Atlanta fried chicken, but here is a list of 11 great things you can cook in your college room with just the gadgets mentioned above, and a minimum of preparation, effort, time, energy, electricity, gas, and clean-up.  Here is the Dorm Room Cuisine: Learn To Cook With These Simple Tips and I am hoping you will like it.

1. Chocolate Cake

Divide cake mix (follow directions) into a mug, microwave for three and a half minutes.

2. Grilled Cheese

Butter your breadstuff it with cheese, wrap in foil, and hit it with your iron.

3. Hot Dogs

Put the hot dogs in the coffee pot and douse them with hot water.  You can even use the coffee maker to steam the buns. 

4. Quiche

Whisk eggs with a splash of milk, add cheese, vegetables, salt, and pepper in a mug, and pop it in the microwave for a minute.

5. Fondue

Heat some cream in a coffee pot for about 15 minutes, add chopped chocolate then stir to combine. Works in a microwave too.

6. Sweet Potato Chips

Thin slices a sweet potato onto a piece of parchment paper that’s been sprayed with cooking spray, add salt, pepper, and herbs, and then microwave them for at least 4 minutes until crispy.

7. Taco Salad

Open a bag of Doritos, toss in cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and taco sauce.  To add protein, fry some seasoned ground beef in your mini-skillet on the coffee maker burner.

8. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Just put eggs in the pot of your coffee maker and cook for ten minutes. Keep for a week in the fridge.  Great meal-to-go.

9. Fried Eggs

Use your coffee maker stove-top and a miniature frying pan. Add butter or a non-stick cooking spray and Voilà!

10. Top Ramen ‘Mac and Cheese’

Ramen noodles cooked with hot water from a coffee maker, Velveeta cheese mixed with butter and milk in the microwave.  Delish!

11. Quesadillas

Butter your tortillas, stuff with cheese, wrap in foil, and dust off your clothes iron again.


Once you have cooked your way through this list, your mind will no doubt be opened to all the things you can do in your room, with just a microwave, coffee pot, and your iron.

Bon Appetite!

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