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Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: What’s The Difference?


You are at the right place If you are desirous to know about Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. hand-tossed: what’s the difference? We will tell you by expanding all the relevant points that differentiate them from each other. First, we will introduce Domino’s which is a multinational pizza restaurant chain that was founded in 1960. It operates in over 83 countries and 5,701 cities worldwide. 

Below we will discuss all the necessary things of Brooklyn style and hand-tossed pizza of Dominos.  Along with that, we have mentioned every query of both pizzas. 

What Is Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is also known as New York-style pizza. The interesting thing is that it comes with oversized pizza slices that Domino’s offers. A Brooklyn-style pizza costs $9.99 that three to five people can eat. The extra-large pizza is also available for $11.99 that is sufficient for five to six people. 

What Is Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza?

Hand-tossed pizza comes with a thicker structure and dough. It comes in three sizes that you can order small, medium, and large size. The small size is available for $6.99 that is sufficient for one. A medium-size costs $8.99 that two to three people can eat, and a large size costs $10.55 that three to four people can eat.

Differences between Domino’s Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed

Let’s start with Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. hand-tossed. The main difference between is Domino’s Brooklyn style and hand-tossed pizza their size and cooking process. Domino’s Brooklyn style comes with a thinner and crunchier formation. A hand-tossed pizza comes with a thicker and chewy crust structure.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: Ingredients

Below we have mentioned the main ingredients of both pizzas. Check out the ingredients comparison below.

Ingredients Of Domino’s Brooklyn Style PizzaIngredients Of Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza
A Regular Domino’s DoughA Regular Domino’s Dough
Standard SauceStandard Sauce
Mozzarella CheeseSlices Of Onion
Slices Of PepperoniTomato Slices
Slices Of OnionSlices Of Capsicum
Slices Of CapsicumMore Mozzarella Cheese

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: Tastes?

With the comparison of both pizzas, it is difficult to explain which is tastes better in between Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. hand-tossed? If you love to eat extra cheese in the pizza then, a hand-tossed pizza would be a better choice for you that comes with a thicker or chewy crust structure.

On the other side, If you like spicy pizza with pepperoni then, A domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza would be perfect for you with a thinner layer of dough or crunchier formation.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: Healthier?

This is an essential thing for everyone and especially those who are health conscious. Below we have mentioned some points that can help you to choose a healthier pizza for you between both these pizzas. 

If you are diet conscious person then, you can eat Brooklyn Style pizza cause that contains a small amount of cheese with slices of pepperoni.

On the other side, if you are a huge lover to eat a pizza then, you should eat hand-tossed pizza That contains a large number of slices of mozzarella cheese.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: How To Prepared?

Interesting to make a pizza at home if you don’t know how to make a pizza then below we have mentioned all the steps to prepare a pizza. 

  1. you need some ingredients to make a perfect dough such as water, salt, sugar, yeast, flour and, oil.
  2. You have to give a perfect shape to the dough through your fingers and fist.
  3. When you will stretch the dough properly then, put a tablespoon of sauce and spread it with the backside of the spoon.
  4. Now put some slices of tomatoes, onions, pepperoni, and cheese.
  5. You have to cook the pizza in the pizza oven at a high temperature.

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Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: Which Thing Make Apart?

Many things make them apart from each other such as the cooking process in which their pizza dough does much matter. A Brooklyn-style pizza makes by thinner and crunchier style and a hand-tossed pizza makes by the thicker boundary of dough pizza. Ingredients can make apart to them in which both pizzas carry different ingredients that we have mentioned in the above paragraph.

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We are pleased to share essential and interesting things about Domino’s Brooklyn style vs. hand-tossed pizza. In this article, we have mentioned all the necessary points such as their ingredients, recipe, and which things make apart them? We hope you understood all the necessary things. 

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