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Dirty monkey cocktail is a very sweet creamy and tropical drink. It looks delicious and their taste is really flavorsome. Their key tang is banana, pineapple, chocolate, etc, this beverage is incomplete without bananas. In some places, it’s also called a dirty banana drink. Dirty Monkey Cocktail is popular in Cancun, it is especially popular in Mazatlan, Mexico. Let’s start this frozen drink and enjoy it on sunny days to feel more refreshed. Here I share many types of recipes and also how to make a dirty monkey drink at home. Although you can upload your drink photos on various social media, people use various photo editing clip studio coupon offer to make their Drink more delicious socially only. Through our guide, you don’t need any type of promotion tricks.

Dirty Monkey Drink Ingredients

  • ½  ripe banana
  • 2 ounces of pineapple juice
  • ½ ounce of Kahlua
  • 2 tablespoon banana liqueur
  • 1 splash of 
  • Ice cubes
  • 1.5 ounces of rum
  • 1 dollop cream of coconut

For Garnishing- 

  • Banana slices
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Cherries
  • Some caramel pieces


First, you will need a blender to mix the ingredients well Basically, you can use any glass(glasses) for serving, But for a better presentation, you will need hurricane glass. I recommended this glass because, In this hurricane glass, cocktails look very delicious whenever you will see this drink in this glass you have mouthwatering. Third, you’ll need some bowls and cups to keep the ingredients.

Dirty Monkey Drink Recipe (5 min recipe)

How To Make A Dirty Monkey Drink At
  • You can make a dirty monkey drink at home in just 5-10 minutes, with my simple and unique recipe. I think you should try it once at home, you can more enjoy this dirty monkey drink on weekends or vacations. 
  • Put all ingredients in the blender (don’t put garnishing ingredients) Mix well all ingredients with the help of a blender, blend until smooth, creamy, and no left ice chunks.
  • After that, sprinkle the chocolate syrup into all sides of the glass for decoration.
  • Now, Put the pour mixture of ready dirty monkey drink into the hurricane glass.
  • Take all garnishing ingredients and put the whipped cream, some cherries, banana slices, and caramel pieces(optional) on top of the drinking glass. 
  • Now it’s ready to drink. Enjoy your dirty monkey drink at the front of a sunset on the beach. You will feel more refreshed.

We have shared various drink recipes of Mexico. For more Mexican drinks:  How To Make A Traditional Mexican Michelada.  It is one of the famous and the most popular recipe. Hope you like it and at least give it a try once.

Nutritions In Dirty Monkey Cocktail

                               AMOUNT PER SERVING
Fat4gSodium 10mg
Saturated Fat3gPotassium485mg
Protein2gCarbohydrate 37.5
Vitamin A78IUIron1mg 


Dirty Monkey vs Dirty Banana

Dirty monkey vs dirty banana have also some similarities, their some ingredients are the same, And no difference in their recipe. Here I mentioned below their differences, ingredients, and recipe also.

Ingredients Of Dirty Monkey And Dirty Banana

Half ripe banana1.5 vodka
1.5 aged rum1 frozen banana (for more creamy)
4.5-ounce Kahlua1 oz heavy cream
2.5 pineapple juice1 oz cocoa Lopez
Cream de coco1.5 Kahlua
Ice chunksIce chunks
Chocolate syrup, whipped cream(For Garnishing)  Maraschino cherry, banana slices (for garnishing)

How To Make Dirty Monkey vs Dirty  Banana

As you read above both drinks recipes are the same, only their ingredients are different, let’s start the recipe of dirty monkey b/w dirty banana.

Take a blender, combine all the main ingredients into the blender(don’t add garnishing ingredients), And blend until smoothie texture. Drizzle chocolate syrup into a hurricane glass. Pour the combined combination into a glass and garnish with a cherry, sliced banana, and whipped cream.

How To Make A Dirty Monkey Rum Drink?


½ ripe banana,

1.5 ounces aged rum,

2 ounces pineapple juice,

half ounce Kahlua,

Chocolate syrup (for garnishing),

Add all ingredients into the blender for approx 30seconds, until there are no ice cubes left, Your creamy, fresh, tasty drink. Now, serve into the glass and garnish with chocolate syrup.

Dirty Monkey Mocktail Recipe (5 Ingredients)


Coffee flavored liqueur


½ ripe banana

Ice cubes,

Pina colada mix

How To Make A Dirty Monkey Without Alcohol

Dear readers, I know you have a craving to drink this mocktail. Don’t waste time, let’s start to ready this Tasty non-alcoholic drink. This simple dirty monkey drink made with bananas, cream, and chocolate, this frozen drink recipe is a clean option for a sunny day. Let’s prepare a monkey without alcohol. 

Dirty Monkey drink with vodka

Do you not consume alcohol? You don’t like alcohol? This dirty monkey mocktail is perfect for you. To prepare the Dirty monkey mocktail recipe just need only 4 ingredients to make it. This Mocktail drink is easy and simple, It is ready in very little time(5 min recipe). Add ice a bit at a time and repeat till the drink reaches the favored consistency. Your smoothie, yummy mocktail is ready to serve, enjoy your drink with chocolate syrup garnishing.

It’s a very hot climate? Enjoy your summer holiday/weekends with these special beverages for summer.


We have shared 3-5 easy recipes for A dirty monkey drink at home. I am sure after drinking a glass of dirty monkey drink You will get addicted to this drink. It’s ready within 5 min, try this drink on sunny days. You just need only a few ingredients to make it and only 3 types of equipment. You should try it once at home, hope you like it.

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