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Difference Between Hamburger Vs Cheeseburger

Ingredients comparison between hamburger vs Cheeseburger


Here, we will go to disclose the robust Difference Between Hamburger Vs Cheeseburger. You will get to know why a hamburger is different from a cheeseburger. Ahead of this article shall be very interesting when we will disclose the facts of cheeseburger or hamburger. We have known very well that at this time all are loopy for fast food and a burger is our favorite fast food of everyone with a unique taste. In this article, we have talked about Mcdonald’s hamburger and a cheeseburger.

What Is A Hamburger?

A hamburger is a simple burger but, typically a hamburger is considered a sandwich in America. It is a very unique and interesting thing for us. A hamburger also carries the same ingredients that are used in the cheeseburger burger for making. Hamburger also includes beef and some vegetables. A normal hamburger carries 100 calories. If we talk about Mcdonald’s hamburger then, Mcdonald’s hamburger carries 250 calories with its ingredients. A Mcdonald’s hamburger comes at the cost of $2.49.

Nutrition Facts Of A Hamburger

In this paragraph, we have disclosed the nutrition of a hamburger. We should know about the advantages of those things that we use for ourselves. You can also see the all necessary substances that have been included in a hamburger.

  1. Patty amount per 100 grams
  2. Calories- 250
  3. Total fat- 14g
  4. Saturated fat-5g
  5. Trans fat regulation- 0.8g
  6. Cholesterol- 47mg
  7. Sodium- 414mg
  8. Potassium- 226mg
  9. Total carbohydrate- 24g
  10. Dietary fiber- 0.9g
  11. Sugar- 4.2g
  12. Protein- 17g
  13. Vitamin- C
  14. Iron- 16%, vitamin B6
  15. Cobalamin- 23%

Health Benefits Of A Hamburger

Many peoples have thought that how fast food is healthy for us but, it is wrong to think like that. Every food has carried some benefits same as a hamburger has carried health benefits. A hamburger prevents weight gain and increases your fat by improving the metabolism of the body. If you are thinking to increase your body fat for a proper figure then, you might try this.

What Is A Cheeseburger?

A Mcdonald’s cheeseburger comes with 300 calories at the cost of $2.00. Mcdonald used the same regular bun for a hamburger and a cheeseburger with the same ingredients. But, Mcdonald’s company has added some appropriate things in the cheeseburger that you will get in the ingredients section. Mcdonald’s doesn’t add artificial flavors but, add pickles and some artificial preservatives. 

Nutrition Facts Of A Cheeseburger

Now, we have reached some nutrition facts of a cheeseburger that might help you in different ways such as increase your body fat and body metabolism for more energy. Nutrition facts of a cheeseburger following are:

  1. Single patty amount per 100g
  2. Total fat- 14g 
  3. Saturated fat- 5g
  4. Trans fat- 0.7g
  5. Cholesterol- 41mg
  6. Sodium- 589mg
  7. Potassium- 190mg
  8. Total Carbohydrate- 30g
  9. Dietary fiber- 1g
  10. Sugar- 5g
  11. Protein- 15g
  12. Vitamin- C
  13. Iron- 15%
  14. Vitamin B6
  15. Magnesium- 5%

Health Benefits Of A Cheeseburger

You might get some health benefits from eating burgers and a cheeseburger might help you more to increase your body metabolism and protein in your body. If you feel like you are losing weight then, you might try this option for increasing your body fat. 

Ingredients comparison between hamburger vs Cheeseburger

If we talk about their ingredients then, both burgers have carried almost the same ingredients but, a cheeseburger carries some different ingredients that you will know in the comparison section below.

Ingredients Of A HamburgerIngredients Of A Cheeseburger
One regular bunOne regular bun
One slice of fried beefOne slice of fried beef with one cheese slice
One slice of onionOne slice of onion
Slice of tangy picklesSlice of tangy pickles
American sauceAmerican sauce

Hamburger vs Cheeseburger Price

Now, we talk about the hamburger & cheeseburger prices of Mcdonald’s company. A hamburger has been included in the happy meal menu with 2.49 dollars of Mcdonald’s and, a cheeseburger has been included in the food menu with 2.00 dollars. If we would like to denote you for the relevant option then, a cheeseburger is best with 300 calories in the lower price to a hamburger. If you are a burger lover then, you might check the other burgers in the Mcdonald’s dollar menu such as a double cheeseburger and Mcdouble burger.


We hope our research has given you the best direction in which clarification of comparison between hamburger vs cheeseburgers. We have disclosed all the necessary things and tips of moth burgers with their ingredients and benefits of nutrition. We have also mentioned their price. 

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