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Create a Home Bar and Improve Your Alcoholic Drink Mixing Skills with Apps

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Create a Home Bar and Improve Your Alcoholic Drink Mixing Skills with Apps

Improve your drink mixing skills to become the alpha male at any party by owning a home bar stocked full with top-quality spirits, innovative recipes, and several drink-mixing tools to create any cocktail irrespective of the occasion.

This article aims to give you three essential steps to begin your cocktail-mixing journey and also get instant access to great alcoholic drink recipes.

While researching classic and innovative alcoholic drink recipes, I bumped into a comprehensive list of the best apps for an alcoholic drink recipe. I’ll share the link for you to check out the list yourself.

Here are three steps essential to the success of your home bar:

Tools & Ingredients to Make Cocktails at Home

Before you proceed to download every drink recipe apps off the previously mentioned list, let’s first take a quick look at the equipment that you’ll need to create your ideal home bar.

Acquiring the correct equipment for your cocktail bar gives you the superpower of being able to whip up any cocktail that your friends desire, irrespective of their specifications. One sure-fire way to get an accurate list of bartending tools to buy would be to get a pocket bartender – an app that gives you instructions on how to mix drinks plus info on the best home bar tools to purchase.

Although you might not be able to purchase every piece of equipment immediately due to financial limitations, tools such as a mixing tin, shaker, knife (for slicing fruits), and a shot measure are a must-have for a beginner. While ingredients like a few varieties of liquors, liqueurs, and juices are enough to set you on your way to concocting your first cocktail.

As you progress in your drink-mixing skills with your pocket bartender, you’ll eventually be able to purchase a broader range of fun gadgets to fill your bar and make the mixing process more entertaining for you. When you’re ready to make a purchase, you can have the tools delivered to your door by ordering using apps strictly for bartenders.

Start With Easy & Fun Cocktail Recipes

Now that you’ve successfully made a home bar that’s both efficient and appealing, it’s time to get your hands on some easy drink recipes to try at home. Keep in mind that no one expects you to make a perfect Gin Fizz now that you’re just starting to explore the cocktail arena. Besides, that drink has egg white as a special ingredient which will require you to know how to flawlessly shake the cocktail to get the desired creamy head and texture on top of the glass. Therefore, I recommend you start with drinks from apps that filter their recipes into different categories like difficulty and ingredients. So you can start with an easy recipe like the “Screwdriver” if all you have is a bottle of vodka.

Just like every skill, starting small and working your way to the top is a great way to understand the basics. Mastering the basics of alcoholic drink mixing will not only help you know the correct measurement of alcohol, but also the standard ratio of alcohol to juice.

Find More Recipes Online From the Professionals

Now that you’ve graduated from being a novice bartender to an intermediate one, it’s time to unhook your training wheels (or apps) and take you to the Professionals. These professional apps allow enthusiastic bartenders to share their ideas and put down new recipes that they created. This feature also means that you can also find new recipes to try out, with video or step-by-step tutorials to make it easy for you to follow the instructions.

Mixology drinks are entertaining to produce, and once you get familiar with the ins and outs of bartending, you will find joy in learning new classic cocktail recipes and also find inspiration to come up with your creative ideas.


In the end, whether your aim of building a simple home bar is to enjoy it with your friends or only as a hobby, apps can help you fashion your desired bar, teach you mixing recipes, techniques, and inspire you to create your own. Ensure you check the link about the best apps for alcoholic drink recipes and begin your journey in the endless world of cocktails.

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