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Sauces & Seasonings

Sauces & Seasoning

Sauces & Seasoning is a different thing but, work like same. Sauces & Seasoning are ingredients that mean sauces & seasoning are the processing of adding herbs, salts, and, species to enhance the flavor of food.

Ingredients for seasoning

Generally, seasoning includes some spices it gives your taste in your food. There are some ingredients used for seasoning following are:

  1. Infused Oil:- We are also used for seasoning. We can also do in the two methods such as cold or hot.
  2. Saline seasoning:- Salt, Spiced salt, and saltpeter.
  3. Acid seasoning:- Plain vinegar with tarragon.
  4. Hot seasoning:- Peppercorn with curry.
  5. Spice Seasoning:- we can make it with essential oils such as paprika, clove oil and, etc.