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Can Savoiardi Lady Fingers Be Used For Other Desserts


You will find many individual Italian desserts that are eaten separately, but many times these deserts like Savoiardi Lady Fingers can be used in other recipes as well. You have the choice of purchasing it from stores and also making it at home.

Did You Know About Savoiardi Lady Fingers?

You must have purchased Savoiardi Lady Fingers from stores and online as well. But you must not be aware of a few important things associated with it. These are long oval-shaped biscuits that are crispy and can be served with tea or coffee.

Savoiardi Lady Fingers Is A Sweet

You should not be confused with the name ladyfinger because it is used for okra as well as cigarette. This is an Italian sweet biscuit that is a baked dish. It is also made around the world in different varieties and has various names for it.

Made From Simple Ingredients

The best thing about Italian cuisine is that it is made from the simplest ingredients and the method is also easiest. The basic ingredients used in this recipe are only six but others can be added to enhance the flavor.

What Is The Storage Technique?

After making these biscuits they have to be stored in an air-tight jar; so that they don’t get moist and lose their crispiness. But a thing to note here is that it has to be used within a week of its creation.

Originally From Alpine Region Of Italy

This cookie originated in the Alpine region of Italy. The biscuit has its cousins all around that region in France and Switzerland. Well, you don’t have to go to Aosta Valley to get this dessert as it is available at all Italian food stores like Sogno Toscano.

What Is The Shelf-Life?

Many individuals think that when you are buying authentic Savoiardi Lady Fingers you can store it longer than when it is made at home. But the same precaution has to be taken for this packed dessert; as the shelf is very short.

They Are Not Soft?

Another point that you need to take care of is that son think of them as a soft biscuit. This biscuit is crisp and if you have a softer version of it then it means that it has lived its shelf-life.

Have Liquid Absorption Ability

The Savoiardi Lady Fingers have a quality that it can absorb liquids very quickly. So if you are making other desserts from them; then be careful not to soak it in much liquid.


What Other Desserts Can Be Prepared?

You can find several dessert recipes using sponge fingers. You should not be confused with the sponge finger because it is another name for Savoiardi Lady Fingers. So you can make the following desserts using this ingredient.

Classic Italian Tiramisu

When you dip the Savoiardi Lady Fingers in coffee and layer it with other ingredients then you get this traditional Italian sweet dish. You can use other items as well to make unique recipes.

Trifle In Glass

Trifle is made in a variety of ways all across the globe with different ingredients. But in Italy, it is made from Savoiardi Lady Fingers and which is served in an individual glass.

Gelato Pie With Tiramisu

This is a recipe that can be prepared within 18 to 20 minutes. But you have to let it sit for 5 hours so that you get the desired flavor and texture.

Savoiardi Lady Fingers Around Cakes

If you want to decorate any Italian cake or tart then this biscuit can be used. You have the choice of placing it around a large cake or making smaller versions with it.

Savoiardi Lady Fingers Sandwiches

Savoiardi Lady Fingers are the best for making sweet sandwiches. A lot of variety of ingredients and items are available to combine with it.

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