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11 Best Ideas For Indian Thali Meals


If you are looking for a huge variety of some of the best Indian food that you could devour at one single time, then opting for a delicious thali is the way to go.  The mouthwatering assortment of various types of traditional desi foods in a single platter makes the experience of trying out Indian food better. And the greatest upside to it is that you can easily share one single thali among a group of friends too! But that is if you really want to. The 11 Best Ideas For Indian Thali Meals, once you get your hands over even a single kind of thali, you would not want to share with anyone else at all! That is how delicious it is.

Types Of Indian Thali Meals

And luckily, there are so many types that you can enjoy. From one that includes all things vegetarian to one that has some sweet treats for the end of your meal. The Best Ideas For Indian Thali Meals surely do know how to make an impression. And today we are here to tell you about some of the most famous ones that you could try. So, let us get to it.

1. Haryanvi Thali

If you are looking for some of the most authentic desi flavors that seem to go well with someone who does not like spicy food a lot, then this thali is the way to go. It constitutes of vegetation food such as pulses, vegetables, and rice that complement each other in the best way. Also, a few sweet dishes such as sweet rice make it all much more special.

11 Best Ideas For Indian Thali

2. Maharashtrian Thali

If you are someone who can handle a bit of spice, then this thali is something that you should definitely get. With the inclusion of an assortment of both vegetarian and meat-filled dishes, the Maharashtrian Thali gives one the authentic experience of tasting some of the most famous tastes of India. Especially the all-time favorite sweet rice pudding, kheer!

3. Goan Thali

If you are a seafood lover, then this thali is just for you! With a delicious fish curry being the main constituent, it is served with steamed rice, prawns, and bread along with a coconut milk drink. Mild in flavor, this thali surely does know how to make an impression on each and every person out there, especially if you love a taste of the sea.

4. Rajasthani Thali

A thali with one of the greatest number of items, one can surely have a unique experience trying colorful and famous fishes of Rajasthan while having it. Mainly vegetarian, it includes an assortment of pulses, vegetables, and soft flatbread that is accompanied by flavored buttermilk and delicious sweets as well such as the famous laddu.

11 Best Ideas For Indian Thali

5. Assamese Thali

In the traditional Khari, a raw papaya curry and is a bit spicy. This thali includes both vegetarian and mean options but with a bit of spice. It is served with garnished rice and also coconut laddus to make up for some delicious spice levels. And it surely is one that you would love to have.

6. Bengali Thali

Again, for seafood lovers, this thali is surely the best thing to try. It includes fried fish, fish curry, mutton curry, and also an assortment of vegetables and rice. You will get the true flavors of Bengal, a sweet rice pudding is served at the end. To make the experience even greater and surely it is delicious thali.

7. Bhojpuri Thali

 A vegetarian option that includes most various vegan options that are a bit spicy for that extra kick of flavor. It surely consists of sweets such as Balushaahi, a nutty pastry dipped in sugar water. It is the perfect combination of sweet and spice.

8. Kashmiri Thali

 If you want something delicious and royal then this is the way to go. Both meat and vegetables make it the most loved form of thalis that is neither too spicy nor too bland. Just the right amount of flavor to make one keep coming for more.

9. Andhra Thali

Surely a vegetarian option the food is served on a banana leaf. The Andhra Thali includes all the major flavors of Indian cuisine while keeping its individuality intact. The right balance of spice makes it more delicious with each bite that you take.

10. Gujarati Thali

With only vegetarian dishes, this thali never fails to make an impression when it comes to the world of food. Delicious pulses and vegetable curries make it not only mouth-watering but definitely worth the money. You will like to have it all over again as soon as you get out of the restaurant.

11. Punjabi Thali

In Punjabi Thali, you will get a splash of color and spice on your plate. The Punjabi thali consists of chicken curry, cottage cheese masala, soft and buttery flatbread, and a big glass of the world-famous lassi without which no Punjabi Thali is complete.


The famous Best Ideas For Indian Thali Meals that you should definitely be checking out to satisfy your cravings for some authentic desi food. Be it wanting to taste spice in the city or just having something that can surely be your comfort food, thalis are always right around the corner. And trust us, you will love each and every bite of it.

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