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10 Best Games For Kitty Party


Looking for the best games for kitty party? This fun tradition brings women together to socialize and laugh over silly activities. 

Choosing the right kitty party games is key to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time making memories together. 

Read on for suggestions on lively games perfect for getting the party started and keeping the laughter flowing all night long. With these kitty party game ideas, you’re sure to host a hit event!

Which Games We Can Play At The Kitty Party?

There are 10 Best Games For Kitty Party. Some popular options include:

  • Charades: This classic game in kitty party never gets old and is always good for a laugh as teams try to act out different movies, books, songs, etc.
  • Pictionary: Similar to charades but you draw instead of act. See who can get their team to guess the word or phrase.
  • Trivia: Test your knowledge on topics like pop culture, history, sports, etc. Trivia makes for lively conversation.
  • Taboo: One person tries to get their team to guess the word without using the “taboo” words listed on the card.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Give each team a list of silly or creative items to find and collect. The first team to gather all their items wins.
  • Name Game: Each guest submits a baby picture, and teams try to correctly identify people. Always lots of laughs.
  • Bingo: Purchase some kits or make your own bingo boards and cards for a classic game with a twist.
  • Unblocked games 88: Ladies can play the video games together for more enjoyment.
  • Crafting Contest: Race to complete a simple craft project like decorating picture frames. Judge the results.
  • Group Karaoke: Pass around a microphone and belt out your favorite tunes. The sillier, the better

What Are The Rules For The Lady’s Kitty Party?

While kitty parties tend to be relaxed social gatherings, a few rules help ensure everyone has the best time:

  • Leave kids and husbands at home: Kitty parties are meant as ladies’ nights out. Make arrangements for childcare.
  • Dress the part: While formal attire is not required, encourage guests to wear stylish dresses, skirts, trousers, or even sarees.
  • Contribute to the kitty: Typically each guest contributes money to a pool for food, drinks, games, prizes, charity, etc.
  • Be punctual: Make sure start and end times are clear, so the activities run smoothly.
  • Participate in games: Being the best games for kitty party to participate makes it more fun for everyone. But no pressure.
  • Avoid offensive conversation: Keep topics light-hearted and steer clear of controversial issues.
  • Help clean up: Be sure to offer to help the hostess clean up at the end.
  • Have fun: Relax and enjoy this opportunity to connect with friends new and old.

How Do You Start A Kitty Party?

Initiating your own kitty party might appear overwhelming, but strategic preparation simplifies the process. Begin by selecting a date and time—typically weekend nights or afternoons are optimal—ensuring a defined start and end. 

Secure a suitable location, be it your home or a co-host’s, with ample seating and room. Create a well-structured schedule by referencing earlier ideas for activities and games. 

Craft imaginative invitations, employing Evites, printed cards, or digital options through messaging apps. Organize delectable finger foods, allowing guests to socialize while partaking. 

Offer an assortment of beverages like water, soda, and wine for the duration of the kitty party games. Assemble essential supplies encompassing plates, napkins, cups, game materials, prizes, and decorations. 

Decide on a collective contribution amount from each attendee to cover expenses. Seek assistance by involving co-hosts to aid with invitations, cuisine, arrangement, and cleanup.

How Do You Make A Kitty Fun?

A kitty party should be full of laughter and enjoyment. The hostess set an upbeat tone with fun music, silly and best games for kitty party, clever themes, prizes, surprises, and activities that get people mingling and laughing, and playing video games like Among Us Unblocked

Incorporate humorous entertainment and be sure to take lots of pictures to memorialize all the fun. Keeping things lively and joyful from start to finish will ensure your kitty party is a hit.

What To Do At A Kitty Party?

The activities at a kitty party will depend on the hostess’s plans, but some ideas include:

  • Games: As mentioned above, planning some fun and best games for kitty party.
  • Food & Drinks: Finger foods, snacks, wine, champagne, Chocolate Macaroon Cake, and other refreshments encourage socializing.
  • Themes: Having a theme can help with activities and icebreakers. Popular ones include decades, book clubs, favorite TV shows, etc.
  • Raffles & Prizes: Incorporate sponsored gift baskets in raffles, interlace prize drawings within the best games for kitty party, and offer door prizes or favors for added excitement during your kitty party games.
  • Entertainment: Consider hiring a palm reader, astrologer, magician, or musician to liven things up.
  • Craft Activity: Arrange something crafty like flower arranging, painting, or creating vision boards.
  • Kitty Pool & Gifts: Many kitty parties collect money to award fun prizes or donate to a good cause.

How Do I Play With My Friends At Kitty Party?

Kitty parties are the perfect time to play lively and hilarious games with your best girlfriends. Start off the fun with classic The Best Backyard BBQ like Charades, where teams act out book titles or movies. 

Taboo gets everyone laughing as players describe words without using the taboo list. For drawing fun, play a round of Pictionary and put your sketch skills to the test. Make it a battle of wits with a trivia game testing your Best Games For Kitty Party knowledge. 

Get creative with a Crafting Contest, racing to make the best decorative frame. Amp up the silliness with Group Karaoke, passing the mic to belt out your favorite Kitty Party Games tunes. 

The key is picking a variety of the Best Games in Kitty Party to keep everyone engaged and laughing all night long. With the right games, your kitty party will be a hit.

What’s The Best Icebreaker Games For Kitty party?

Opt for “Two Truths and a Lie.” Guests share 2 true facts and 1 false one; others guess the lie. Laughter ensues as secrets surface during games in kitty party.

Which Game Tests Creativity For Kitty Party?

“Pictionary” challenges players to draw items without words. Hilarity and guesses abound, fostering a creative and entertaining atmosphere.


Kitty party games are best when they’re fun, engaging, and easy to play. Popular choices like Tambola, Nail the Paint, Cups on Cards, and Rice and Buttons fit the bill. 

When picking kitty party games, consider participants’ ages, interests, available time, and space. A diverse games in Kitty party selection ensures enjoyment for all attendees.

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