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How to Make Low Fat Blueberry Bran Muffins?


I have come across a marvelous low-calorie, low-fat Blueberry Bran Muffin Recipe. Muffins tend to be high in calories and contain generous amounts of butter and sugar. Your standard blueberry muffin from a bakery contains roughly 450 calories. However, substituting a regular muffin for a low-calorie one isn’t typically a suitable alternative. Low-calorie muffins tend to be so light and airy that they aren’t satisfying to eat. Plus, muffins contain little protein, so if you’re eating one for breakfast, you’ll likely need to eat something containing protein in addition. Here we are going to read about How to Make Low Fat Blueberry Bran Muffins?

I like eating a healthy, balanced breakfast. Muffins- being so high in calories and containing little protein- aren’t something I typically choose to eat. That is until now!

These blueberry bran muffins do the seemingly impossible: they’re low-calorie AND satisfying to eat. Each muffin contains a mere 130 calories- unbelievable! They don’t contain any butter or white sugar. How can a 130 calorie muffin be gratifying? Wheat bran. The bran creates a dense, full texture that gives every bite a satisfying mouthfeel.

Let’s compare two breakfast scenarios. The first is a muffin from a bakery with around 450 calories. The second is two of these blueberry bran muffins, an apple, and 3 slices of turkey bacon for a total of 465 calories. There’s no contest! The second breakfast is balanced, healthy, and will leave you satisfied.

This muffin recipe delivers both great taste and nutrition. Eat them in the morning for breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the day. They taste best when warm.

My two suggestions are:

  • Lightly pack the brown sugar
  • Use 1 and ¼ cup blueberries as opposed to 1 cup

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