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5 Ideas To Create Kid-Friendly Restaurant


That’s right, having a kid-friendly restaurant can be a profitable feature for the restaurant owner. Families with children represent a lucrative demographic. Thus, coming up with Kid-Friendly Restaurant’s Ideas. Make your restaurant accommodating to kids will place your business among the top favorite family restaurants for this demographic.

But before anything else, you have to consider first if this plan is suitable for your restaurant concept. The majority of restaurants welcome customers with children from time to time without even paying heed if their establishment is children-friendly or not.

The fact of the matter is that not all restaurants are fit to implement kid-friendly ideas. If your joint attracts more high-end diners or focuses on the appeal of your bar offerings, then these kid-friendly ideas are probably not for you. 

On the other hand, if your outlet aims to cater more to families as customers, then learning sound, kid-friendly ideas can be the perfect plan for you.

What Are insightful ideas and plans to create a kid-friendly restaurant?

Start training your staff to be kid-friendly

One of the Kid-Friendly Restaurant’s Ideas, a restaurant staff mainly consists of college students who are yet to have children. They barely have any understanding of what it is like to dine with kids. For this reason, you should be training your staff to effectively handle customers who are with their little children to make their dining experience remarkable.

They also have to be educated that kids can be among the most challenging customers to deal with. Make sure to train them on treating kids with the same courtesy and respect as they would with adult customers. A server must never show any slight sign of intolerance towards a child as these are not easy to hide, and some customers will never come back when they suspect this. 

Customers with children need more specialized services—being offered highchairs and a larger table to avoid cramming it with the child’s paraphernalia, asking what the child wants to order but verifying if the guardian approves of it to prevent allergies, and bringing the order as fast as possible because hungry kids can get out of control. 

Consider these preparations and more to save your staff from ruining your customers’ dining experience.

Work on kid-approved menu ideas

You’re going to need a special offer that would include delicious but healthy meals for kids. With the rising prevalence of child obesity, parents nowadays opt for more nutritious food choices over-processed foods such as French fries, hotdogs, and chicken fingers for their children. 

That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them, though; just keep them on the menu along with the other healthier options.

Keep a moderate spice profile, as a child’s taste is not as sophisticated as that of an adult’s. You may also need to provide child-sized portions of some of your restaurant’s signature dishes. See to it that you mention the key ingredients on the menu so that parents are informed of the potential allergens such as nuts, dairy, gluten, and so on. 

Don’t forget to add vegan options and some desserts that look and sound appealing to kids, too


Stock up on child-safe restaurant supplies and furnishings

You can’t go wrong equipping your restaurant with family-friendly furniture items. As mentioned, families with kids, especially those who have babies, need bigger tables for their extra stuff, booster seats, and highchairs. 

It would also be a huge convenience to have changing stations in your restrooms to allow parents to easily change their baby’s diapers or clothes as needed.

Kids will naturally want to play or express creativity, so your staff should be able to offer some toys or coloring materials. First, ask the parents’ permission if they will allow such things during mealtime. Sippy cups are a necessity for any kid-friendly restaurant, too. Also, putting up a separate television intended for kids to watch some cartoons can be a great diversion, especially for toddlers.

Build a play area

Building a playroom will tremendously help attract families with kids to your restaurant if you can afford it. It will serve as their corner for fun while still being supervised by their parents from a distance. A play area will also minimize the disturbance that kids can cause to other guests. 

If you can’t afford to build one, you may just designate a space in your establishment. Decorate and accessorize it with children’s stuff for fun, such as coloring books, toys, and puzzles. 

Bear in mind the issue of liability so you can prepare for accidents that may happen. You will definitely need to consult your insurance professional or attorney to ensure you have the right coverage in case anything happens on the premises.

Ensure child safety and comfort

Children are playful and active by nature, and many of them are even mischievous. By being aware of their nature, you can develop safety measures to implement in your establishment and make it even more kid-friendly. 

Keep candle lights and hot surfaces away from their reach, limit displays that can be hazardous like vases and sharp objects. You should be mindful of other possible accidents, such as falls and bumps. Eliminate any probable cause for these by considering child safety. You are more likely to promote a pleasant and enjoyable yet peaceful dining experience for families in your restaurant.

Wrap Up

As much as being a kid-friendly restaurant can prove highly beneficial for your business, it is imperative that you determine if this transition is suitable for your restaurant concept and target customers. Once you do, implementing the cited ideas shall effectively let you accommodate families with their dear children. 

Taking into consideration Kid-Friendly Restaurant’s Ideas will lead the healthy kiddie meals for your menu. The kid supplies for your restaurant, an area for fun, and child safety. It will lead to undoubtedly foster an enjoyable dining experience for these cute little guests.

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