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11 Months Baby Food Chart


At 11 months, most babies can stand with support and cruise around clinging onto furniture. By this age, the majority of babies can consume the same foods as the rest of the family. Isn’t that fantastic news? Your child has developed tremendously. You won’t have to create a separate food menu for your infant anymore, nor will you have to carry pureed foods with you.

You can bring your infant to the table with the rest of the family, and you’ll notice that feeding the baby is simpler when everyone else is eating the same thing. We will provide you with a food chart for an 11 months baby food chart that will be very useful to you.

Some babies, however, may still require mashed foods or dishes with few seasonings. That’s fine! Don’t be concerned. It isn’t a cause for concern as long as the baby is healthy, happy, and growing. 

Your infant will gradually begin to consume all of the normal foods.

Focusing on healthy brain development foods ensures that your baby’s brain receives all of the nutrients it requires to grow and thrive. The 11 Month baby food recipes are what every new mother is looking for to give their the best.

The brain is a muscle like others in the body, but it is quite different; to lay a firm foundation for an intellectual, inquisitive, and healthy child, it’s best to start early and provide the brain with what it needs.

All of this isn’t as difficult as it appears! Take a look at our 11 Month baby food recipes for some ideas on how to start feeding your child nutritious meals for brain development.

What Is The Ideal Amount Of Baby Food Chart 11 Months Old?

Allowing babies to eat on their own may be messy at first, but it can help them develop fine motor skills, independence, coordination, and body and food awareness. Do not compel your child to eat. Forcing babies to finish all of their meals might harm their eating habits. Make sure your baby’s food is chopped into little pieces and that they are allowed to feed themselves while you keep an eye on them.

Here’s a short rundown of the portion sizes of your 11 Months old baby food chart that is required daily:

  • 4 teaspoons of protein
  • Up to half a cup of vegetables
  • Up to half a cup of fruits
  • Up to half a cup of cereal
  • Up to 3 teaspoons of dairy
  • 22 to 32 oz. of breast milk or formula

If your child has already ceased breastfeeding, make sure they’re still getting their daily dose of formula or saved breast milk. If your breast milk supply has become too low, you can use these strategies to boost it. Until your child is a year old, breast milk or formula can meet up to half of your child’s nutritional needs. Once solid foods are introduced, kids are likely to want to breastfeed less regularly. You should keep these things in mind for 11 Months baby food chart.

11 Month Baby Diet Plan

Before deciding what you may and cannot feed your baby, have a look at this meal menu for the 11 months baby food chart.

Day 1

  • Dalia Khichdi/ Dalia Porridge/ Suji Upma with Vegetables
  • Paneer dal masala or rice with dal

Day 2

  • Vegetable Idli, Vegetable Dosa, Vegetable Uthappam
  • Mashed rice with tomato rasam / Curd rice with homemade curd
  • any sliced cooked veggies 
  • Banana oats Porridge, ragi apple halwa, health mix porridge, or any porridge

Day 3

  • Tomato dosa/macaroni or pasta with cheese
  • khichdi with moong dal/ khichdi with vegetables/ rice with spinach
  • Vegetable stuffed paratha or daliya upma or khichdi, Banana pancakes / Bread omelet / Banana Dosa

Day 4

  • ragi dosa / green gram dosa/health mix dosa
  • Rice blended with mixed vegetables soup or rice with slightly spiced sambar
  • Apple carrot soup, pumpkin kheer, transparent chicken soup, or any other vegetable soup
  • Chicken korma or roti with any mildly spiced vegetable gravy

Day 5

  • Wheat dosa / Wheat pancakes, Chapati with any slightly spiced gravy
  • Rice with mashed sweet potato or yam or vegetable pulao or paneer pulao with homemade curd
  • Any fruit milkshake produced with breast milk or formula, or any kheer (apple milkshake, chikku milkshake, etc.)
  • Idli or Dosa steamed

Day 6

  • Idli or Dosa  Whole wheat toasted bread with egg/ Bread omelette/ Idli or Dosa
  • Plain curd/plain Lassi or any fruit smoothies produced with curd/yogurt Mashed ghee rice with Egg bhurji or paneer bhurji Plain curd/plain Lassi or any fruit smoothies made with curd/yogurt
  • Any type of dosa, pancakes, or cheela

Day 7

  • Pongal BM/FM, Poha upma, Moong Dal Chilli, Rice Noodles
  • Plain egg curry, plain dal, or rice with minced chicken Green gram sundal Dal rice Crumbled Paneer  or Boiled egg yolk or Scrambled eggs
  • Upma made with bread or plain sooji, Daliya upma, or Sooji pancake

11 Month Baby Food Recipes

Soup with vegetables and chicken — Broccoli, potatoes, and a chicken breast should be cooked together. After that, combine the solid components and add some of the stock. This soup will have a creamy texture, and you can even top it with cheese. This is an ideal 11 Month baby food recipes for infants.

Smoothies prepared with frozen fruit — Overripe Bananas should be frozen. Blend them till they’re smooth after they’ve been frozen. Other fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries, can be added. Freeze it for a nutritious, refreshing snack.

Homemade pizza – For the crust, use pita bread and purée some peeled tomatoes for the sauce. Before putting it in the oven, top it with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. You can check 5 Ideas To Create Kid-Friendly Restaurant with healthy, nutrients value.

Your 11 months old baby food chart Indian is fairly similar to the rest of the family’s food. They’ll be able to eat on their own at this age and experience a variety of new flavors, textures, and sensations. Soon, they’ll be eating a slice of their birthday cake!

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